Chicago vs. Bed Bugs

Advocating policy to control the spread of bed bugs in the City of Chicago

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Thanks, Doug.

Posted by Jessica on December 3, 2008

I do believe a public thank you is in order, Mr. Summers.

Folks, Doug Summers, MS, trainer of bed bug detecting canines and handlers at the Florida Canine Academy, student of entomology, and advocate of good bed bug policy everywhere, has been humbly advising our organization from behind the scenes since our inception.  He visits our website regularly, encourages our founder (that’s me) daily, and supports our mission unwaveringly.  And I appreciate him immensely!

Doug has shared lots of good information and ideas over the last several weeks, including several links I’ve incorporated into our resources page.  And he and I are cooking up some ideas about involving Chicago politicians in our mission that might prove to be quite interesting.

Most recently, though, Doug discovered the YouTube video documenting Cincinnati’s 2008 Bed Bug Conference that’s now displayed on our home page.  He sent the link to us here at Chicago vs. Bed Bugs, and to our friends and partners in crime over at New York vs. Bed Bugs and

Doug, this video is so important to our mission.

Thank you.


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