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Advocating policy to control the spread of bed bugs in the City of Chicago

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*Chicago Landlord IPM Workshop*

Posted by Jessica on January 4, 2009

I stumbled upon this information while doing some research, and I wanted to pass it along to you, Chicago landlords and property managers, in case you weren’t already aware.

Community Investment Corporation is sponsoring a FREE integrated pest management  workshop for landlords and building managers through Safer Pest Control Project.  Safer Pest Control Project’s website says:

With the emergence of bed bugs on the Chicago scene, attending one of our IPM workshops for landlords and building managers has never been more important. Come join us on January 8, 2009 at 6:30pm 3424 S. State Street for an informative, and dare I say, FUN workshop on controlling pests more effectively in multi-unit buildings. Come learn how to eliminate cockroaches, mice, rats, bed bugs AND save money! This workshop is free, but pre-registration is required through the event’s sponsor, Community Investment Corporation. Please call 312-258-0070 to do so today.

I am so happy to see that Safer Pest Control Project  and Community Investment Corporation are working to educate Chicago landlords and property managers about controlling bed bugs effectively– and less expensively– through an integrated pest management program!  This is EXACTLY the kind of information and education our landlords and property managers need in order to protect themselves, their investments, and their tenants.  And it’s FREE!

Bravo, SPCP and CIC.

I sent an email to our contact at SPCP to get a little more information, and I’m going to try to register for and attend the workshop so I can write about the efforts of these organizations.  I think they certainly deserve some free advertising.  And I think the City of Chicago will benefit from any good information about bed bugs we can make available.

Stay tuned…

And landlords, REGISTER FOR THE WORKSHOP!  It’s critical, it’s free, and it’s likely to save you TONS of money in the long run.


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