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Chicago vs. Bed Bugs on Hold, For Now

Posted by Jessica on February 3, 2009

Hey all!  I wanted to let everyone know that I have to take a break from Chicago vs. Bed Bugs for a few weeks, so I’m putting our mission on hold for now.  I hurt my back a couple months ago, and it’s not getting better, so I’ll be undergoing a procedure to fix it soon.

You won’t see any new posts, and I won’t be able to approve your comments (your comments will be held for moderation during this time) or respond to your emails for awhile.  But I will be back, and so will Chicago vs. Bed Bugs, as soon as I’m well enough to sit at my laptop again.

In the meantime, please use the resources available to you on our Policy and Resources pages, and browse through our Discuss page to view conversations we’ve had about bed bugs, policy, treatment, local laws, and much more.  If you come up with ideas or suggestions, or you have questions that aren’t already addressed here on the website, feel free to send them to me in an email, and I’ll respond after I’ve recovered.

As always, I encourage everyone to visit the website of our sister organization in New York City, New York vs. Bed Bugs.  Renee Corea, the organization’s co-founder, keeps the website updated with all sorts of information about policy and procedures to control the spread of bed bugs.

And, as always, I encourage everyone to visit, especially if you have questions about bed bugs in general or want to participate in discussion about bed bugs with others.

See you soon, I hope!



2 Responses to “Chicago vs. Bed Bugs on Hold, For Now”

  1. […] Our dear friend, Jessica Kevan, has hurt her back and will be on hiatus from her work at Chicago vs Bed Bugs for a few weeks. […]

  2. nobugs said

    Feel better soon, Jessica!

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