Chicago vs. Bed Bugs

Advocating policy to control the spread of bed bugs in the City of Chicago

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Local Resources:

  • Civic Footprint: Enter your street address to see your alderman and ward number, county commissioner and district number, state senator and district number, state representative and district number, congressman and district number, police precinct and judicial subcircuit number.
  • Metropolitan Tenants Organization: This is possibly the best resource for Chicago landlords and tenants we’ve ever seen. Here’s the mission of MTO (we love it!): “To educate, organize and empower tenants to have a voice in the decisions that affect the affordability and availability of decent and safe housing”. And here are all the ways in which they can help you:
  • The Bed Bug Registry: Allows you to register addresses with known bed bug infestations into a mapped database. You can do this anonymously if you want, and you only have to enter your street address, not your apartment number. You can also see recently registered addresses in any location, including your neighborhood and the city of Chicago in general. If you search an address, you can see other registered addresses near the one you searched, too. This is a great tool for travelers—you can search for hotels that have reported bed bug infestations on record.
  • The Greater Chicago Pest Management Alliance: Its mission:”To share best practices, further education, representation and professionalism for pest management professionals in Chicago and surrounding urban environments.”
  • Windy City Mike’s Bedbug Genocide: A good source of information about bed bugs in general and a witty, honest, remarkable account of one Chicagoan’s encounter with bed bugs in a “genocide” journal of sorts. Definitely worth reading, if only to remind yourselves that you are not alone.

Universal Resources


Bed Bugs

  • Bedbugger: The most comprehensive bed bug resource on the planet.
  • Bed Bugs Limited: This website was created and is managed by David Cain, a pest management professional and leading authority on bed bugs in the United Kingdom. David has proven to be an invaluable and generous resource in the world of bed bugs; he is a scientist by study and a dedicated professional by choice. David provides a wealth of information– and some sound advice– on this site.
  • The Bed Bug Registry: (yes, you’re seeing it twice– it’s that important): This is a great tool for travelers—you can search for hotels that have reported bed bug infestations on record.
  • Tripadvisor: Very useful for travelers. This link leads to a page containing guest reviews of hotels across the United States and the world. You can choose a destination using the drag-down menu, and then you can search with keywords. Useful searches go something like this: Destination= New York, Search= The X Hotel bed bugs (or bedbugs). You might be surprised by the number of results your search produces.

Lawsuits: Landlord/Tenant

  • Ludlow Properties v. Young (2004): This link will take you to a page on the website of the attorney for the respondent in the case (the tenant), The De Castro Law Firm. You can view the decision of the case after trial. Pay close attention to the last paragraph.

Lawsuits: Other

  • Mathias v. Accor Economy Lodging, Inc. and Motel 6 Operating L.P.(2003): In this case, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the ruling of an Illinois court, which awarded two guests of a Chicago Motel 6 $372,000.00 in punitive damages after they were bitten by bed bugs because of the motel’s “willful and wanton conduct”. The plaintiffs alleged– and the courts obviously determined– that motel management knew their hotel room was infested and had not been treated, but checked them in and allowed them to spend the night there, anyway.

Research Tools

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